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 The South Carolina Military Department (SCMD) consists of the South Carolina National Guard, South Carolina State Guard, State Operations Department, South Carolina Emergency Management Division, South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy, STARBASE Swamp Fox, and South Carolina Military Museum.  The South Carolina Military Department is led by Maj. Gen. R. Van McCarty, the Adjutant General for South Carolina.  The Governor serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the South Carolina National Guard. 

State Operations


The State Operations Department coordinates and provides Human Resources, Budget/Finance, Procurement, Information Technology, and State Property Book support to the SC Military Department’s State employees. The Department manages the Cooperative Agreements in support of the SCARNG and SCANG. The Department is also responsible for the oversight and management of the McCrady and Clark’s Hill Billeting Offices, and the Crescent Moon Dining Facility. The Department coordinates with SC Emergency Management Division, SC Youth Challenge/Job Challenge, STARBASE, SC Military Museum, SC State Guard; Cooperative Agreements Program Managers, and the USPFO to ensure situational awareness, support, and coordination. Coordinates the SCMD’s efforts in support of State Active Duty (SAD) operations. 


South Carolina Emergency Management Division

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) is the state-funded coordinating agency responsible for the statewide emergency management program. SCEMD’s mission is to develop, coordinate, and lead the state emergency management program, enabling effective preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters in order to save lives, reduce human suffering and minimize property loss. SCEMD is the lead State coordinating agency during the natural disasters and State emergencies. 


South Carolina State Guard

The SC State Guard (SCSG) is the State’s authorized and funded militia, and assumes a support role for the SCNG in the event the SCNG is mobilized. The SCNG is headquartered at the historic Olympia Armory in Columbia. The over 900 volunteer members of the SCSG consists of both retired and former military personnel as well as non-prior military service personnel, select professionals with specialized skills, and community leaders. The SGSG is organized to augment the State’s emergency response capabilities. 


South Carolina Joint Services Detachment

The Joint Services Detachment is a volunteer administrative support group appointed by the Governor of SC and the Adjutant General. It is composed of legal, medical, governmental, business and law enforcement executives who assist the Adjutant General in developing and reviewing policy. The Joint Services Detachment is an organization unique to the South Carolina Military Department. 

South Carolina Youth ChalleNGe Academy

The SC Youth ChalleNGe Academy program is a part of a nationwide, National Guard Bureau-funded program to provide a wealth of educational enrichment offered by the staff and facilities with the commitment to serving SC’s at-risk youth. The Academy conducts two, five-month long classer per year designed to help youth acquire the basic skills and education necessary to succeed in life. The eight core components studied during the residential phase: Academic Excellence, Life-Coping Skills, Job Skills, Health and Hygiene, Responsible Citizenship, Service to Community, Leadership/Followership, and Physical Fitness. Youth have the opportunity to work toward earning their General Equivalency Diploma or GED. Select graduates of Youth ChalleNGe have the opportunity for additional training in the POST ChalleNGe. 


South Carolina POST ChalleNGe

POST ChalleNGe is part of the nationwide, National Guard Bureau-funded Youth ChalleNGe Program which is focused on providing Professions, Occupations, Specialties, and Trades (POST) training for SC’s at-risk youth. It is a five-month residential program providing vocational experience to select graduates of SC Youth ChalleNGe Program. Cadets live at Clemson University’s W.W. Long Leadership Center and attend classes at Aiken Technical College. The program focuses on expanding occupational skills, providing career and academic counseling, internship environments, leadership development, and employer engagement. Cadets who complete the program may earn trade certificates in areas such as welding, production, telecom and computer installation, and patient care.


STARBASE Swamp Fox is a part of a national Department of Defense-funded educational program focused on elementary students, primarily fifth graders. The goal is to motivate them to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as they continue their education. The program engages students through the inquiry-based curriculum with its "hands-on, mind-on" experiential activities, and works with school districts to support their standards of learning objectives. STARBASE Swamp Fox annually conducts over 45 classes for more than 1,100 students. 


South Carolina Military Museum

The SC Military Museum is the only military museum in the State chartered by State law, and is funded by a non-profit foundation and State funds. The Museum contains artifacts of SC’s military history valued at over $5 million. It is the only museum in the State that covers SC’s complete military history from 1670, when the colony of Carolina was founded, to present day operations in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. The Museum is federally recognized by the National Guard Bureau, and is the 2nd oldest and 4th largest National Guard museum in the country. 




South Carolina National Guard

The South Carolina National Guard (SCNG) consists of the approximately 1,200 members of the South Carolina Air National Guard (SCANG) and nearly 10,000 members of the South Carolina Army National Guard (SCARNG). As a dual-mission force, the SCNG is normally under the control of the Governor, but can be called into federal service by the President. Of the over 12,000 Service Members in the SCARNG and SCANG, approximately 30% serve full-time. The remaining traditional members of the SCNG typically serve 39 days a year on a federally-funded status for training. U.S. law charges the National Guard with dual federal and state missions under the command of either the President or the Governor. Their functions range from limited actions during non-emergency situations to Defense Support Civil Authorities (DSCA) to mobilizations for contingency operations and combat operations. The SCNG’s federal mission is “To provide properly trained and equipped units for prompt mobilization for war, national emergency, or as otherwise needed” while its State mission is “To provide trained and disciplined forces for domestic emergencies or as otherwise provided by state law.” 


South Carolina Army National Guard 

Major units of the SCARNG include the Joint Force Headquarters – South Carolina (Columbia), 263rd Army Air Missile Defense Command (Anderson), 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (Charleston), 228th Signal Brigade (Spartanburg), 59th Aviation Troop Command (McEntire Joint National Guard Base), 59th Troop Command (McEntire Joint National Guard Base), and 218th Regiment (McCrady Training Center). Members of the SCARNG are dispersed throughout South Carolina in 58 Armories and Readiness Centers. SCARNG units are trained and equipped as part of the U.S. Army. 

South Carolina Air National Guard

The 169th Fighter Wing is the primary formation in the SCANG. The 169th Fighter Wing’s mission is to maintain wartime readiness and the ability to mobilize and deploy expeditiously to carry out tactical air missions or combat support activities in the event of a war or military emergency. SCANG units are trained and equipped as part of the U.S. Air Force. The majority of the SCANG trains and operates out of McEntire Joint National Guard Base(JNGB) which is a federal military installation operated by the SC Air National Guard (SCANG). McEntire JNGB is the home of over 60 SCANG and SCARNG military aircraft; and over 2,400 Soldiers, Airmen and civilians. It is the only base in the State under the control of the Governor, and is available for whatever support the Governor, state leadership, and the SCNG require within appropriate regulations and laws. McEntire JNGB covers approximately 2,400 acres in eastern Richland County, and is located approximately 10 miles west of the town of Eastover and approximately 15 miles southeast of the city of Columbia.